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Review. Hiking in Georgia «Spring Svaneti»


Translated from Russian



Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

General opinion   

Good day!
Family Bezgodova thanked the club "Route" and the personal trainers Alexander and Ivan for the excellent organization of the March of Svaneti in Georgia.
1) Although go camping, not for the first time, what he saw impressed us and left a pleasant memory.
The mountains in this area have a special energy that charged us for months after "hibernation".
We had doubts if we can hold all the difficulties, still we had a small Mike, but I think we passed that test.
If the weather in the last 2 days of the hike was the same as in the first 2 days, then I think this further would improve the impression of the campaign.
Batumi compensated for the recent rainy days the warm sun and the sea.
2) Food all arranged, such food and should be in the campaign. For a change I can recommend the soup of pea cereal with crackers,
chocolate candy instead of chocolate bars (easier to share). From experience, usually in the Crimea, we in the afternoon a full meal replaced by a snack, which consisted of sandwiches with a damp dried sausage or bacon, tea with sweets.
3) Score 5 points on a 5 point scale, a sense of experience and knowledge in this matter. The route is carefully designed and organized. All Parking spaces are pre-defined and planned.
4) I would Like to improve living conditions in Mestia. But, in principle, was not critical.
I hope that we will participate in the following campaigns of the club, because we still want to visit Turkey.

Response of administration

Thanks for the feedback, menu and accommodation in Mestia improved:)

Tour Information

May in Georgia is extremely beautiful and full of contrasts, mountains are still covered with snow, but gardens on a coast are in full bloom. Hiking with us in Georgia in May, you definitely like this picturesque highland, where sky meets earth. Breathing fresh mountain air, enjoying magnificent views you understand Georgia with its wonderfully melodic songs, incredibly delicious cuisine and genuine warmth with which Georgians welcome guests.

Duration - 7 days

Level - medium