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Hiking in Georgia «Svaneti light»

This route is a light version of hiking in Svaneti that is hold during May holidays and the beginning of autumn. May in Georgia is extremely beautiful and full of contrasts, mountains are still covered with snow, but gardens on a coast are in full bloom. Hiking with us in Georgia in May, you definitely like this picturesque highland, where sky meets earth. Breathing fresh mountain air, enjoying magnificent views you understand Georgia with its wonderfully melodic songs, incredibly delicious cuisine and genuine warmth with which Georgians welcome guests. Join us now!

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Duration: 10 days
Distance: ~80 км
Start: Batumi/Tbilisi/Kutaisi
Accommodation: tent/mini hotel
Effort level: medium


Batumi/Tbilisi/Kutaisi — Mestia — Koruldi lakes — Ieli — Tsvirmi — Adishi — Lardaad Glacier (Adishi Icefall) — Tsaneri Pass (2722 m) — Ushguli — Enguri Valley — Shkhara Glacier — Mestia — Batumi/Tbilisi/Kutaisi


Day 1
This day is devoted to organizational moments; most of time is spent in way. If you are up to travel after your transfer, you can taste Georgian cuisine that you definitely would like. In case we have free time we take a walk about city center and supplement your impression of the country by communication with local people. We do not stroll long, because next day we set out on hiking.

Day 2
We take a bus to Svaneti that is hidden behind mountain ranges. During long way we make several stops, one of them is at the Enguri Dam. This huge construction that enchains bustling Enguri flow looks really impressively. After we reach Mestia, we settle in small hotel and then go for a walk around the town. We learn about Svaneti history, culture and cuisine. With luck we can get on real concert in local cafe, where locals sometimes sing incredibly beautiful.

Day 3
Waking is early in order to have cushion of time for a hike. Today we travel without backpacks to Koruldi lakes that are situated on one of the spurs of Greater Caucasus mountain range. There we visit lakes from which we can enjoy the view on incredible Ushba, the salt of our day. In such a height, surrounded by monumental mountainous snow-capped peaks, we can see Mestia in full view and houses underneath look smaller than even a matchbox. Then we return to Mestia, have little time-off and then start preparing for the next day. In the evening we have one more delicious dinner and maybe even a little singing.

Day 4
This morning we leave hospitable lodging and head for travelling around Svaneti, making our first full hiking day. Walking along mountainous serpentine road we reach small mountain village that is situated on a picturesque hillside with a view of snowy peaks of Layla and Tetnuldi. If we are lucky we buy delicious suluguni. After lunchtime we have one short walk that approaches us to the fascinating sight of pyramidal Tetnuldi Mountain. Overnight stop is high in mountains.

Day 5
Wake up early in the morning, have breakfast and quick gathering, because we set out to Lardaad Glacier. Before the lunchtime we walk down and reach Adishchala River, which source starts from before-mentioned Lardaad Glacier. This day we pass several Svan villages, last of which is Adishi. You can enjoy the view of picturesque Caucasus nature together with amazing Lardaad Glacier that forms incredible Adishi Icefall. Its height is a bit less than 1500 meters, and we try to approach very close to it. This night we stay on mountainous river.

Day 6
This morning waking is earlier to pass the river. During the night its level falls in two times, so it is easier to pass. Then we make our way towards Tsaneri Pass that is hidden between mountains. This climbing would be the most exciting thing of our journey around Svaneti. Going up we make frequent halts enjoying splendor of Georgian nature. Lardaad Glacier and Adishi Icefall remain in view looking impressively huge.
From the Tsaneri Pass we see an excellent view at Adishischala valley and Haldeshchala valley. Coming down to the last-mentioned valley, we lose the height and make a stop not far from the river.

Day 7
This day we return to civilization, walking down to the point where Haldeshchala merges Inguri. Making our way to the highest Georgian mountain village Ushguli, we come to Inguri river source. If we have an opportunity we buy local cheese and bread that can make our dinner diverse and tastier. Overnight stay is on Shkhara Valley. This nigh is the latest, when we sleep in tents that is why evening gathering around campfire is longer than usual.

Day 8
We have a walk without backpacks to mountain Shkhara , one of the mountains that belongs to Bezengi Wall. After this excursion we gather our camp and return to civilization. On our way back from Ushguli to Mestia, we see familiar places. During our way we make stops to enjoy views of local nature and visit one of Svaneti towers also. We reach Mestia during afternoon and stay in the same hotel.

Day 9
This day we leave Svaneti and make our way to Batumi, where we can swim in the sea and stroll along beautiful promenade. Later we have gala dinner in a cafe and night we spend in a hostel.

Day 10
Day of leaving. Plans for this day depend on your departure time (whether you have a flight from Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi). If needed, you can leave Batumi one day earlier by taking a night train. We hope that you like this travel around Svaneti. Good bye for now!

The guide can make changes to a route depending on the weather, physical condition and other factors.