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Hiking in Georgia «Spring Svaneti»

This route is a light version of hiking in Svaneti that is hold during May holidays and the beginning of autumn. May in Georgia is extremely beautiful and full of contrasts, mountains are still covered with snow, but gardens on a coast are in full bloom. Hiking with us in Georgia in May, you definitely like this picturesque highland, where sky meets earth. Breathing fresh mountain air, enjoying magnificent views you understand Georgia with its wonderfully melodic songs, incredibly delicious cuisine and genuine warmth with which Georgians welcome guests. Join us now!

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Duration: 7 days
Distance: ~80 км
Start: Zugdidi until 7:00 (Batumi, Kutaisi, Tbilisi a day earlier)
Finish:Mestia after 7:00 (Kutaisi after 13:00, Batumi after 16:00, Tbilisi after 17:00)
Accommodation: tent/mini hotel
Effort level: medium


Batumi/Tbilisi/Kutaisi — Mestia — Koruldi lakes — Ugviri pass— Adishi — Lardaad Glacier (Adishi Icefall) — Tsaneri Pass (2722 m) — Ushguli — Enguri Valley — Shkhara Glacier — Mestia — Batumi/Tbilisi/Kutaisi