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Review. Trekking in Georgia «Svaneti»

Anna Melash 

Translated from Russian




The food is disgusting. During exercise and this price the food should better. Or at least preduprejdenie participants that they will eat feed. People will have the opportunity to take care yourself about your diet.

Instructor - Oleh Yadlush   

Oleg is a wonderful young instructor. In my opinion he should go with bolie an experienced instructor as an assistant.
As concerns Rmana, he is not a instructor, educated, narcissistic trash. Not knowing the route, never responsible, irresponsible. When the group expressed their contentment his bearing is, he answered bluntly: I don't care what you think of me, I'm only interested in the money. Thanks to him, was spoiled the entire trip. Shame your tour company.

General opinion   

Unforgettable landscapes.
I would like to visit again in Svaneti, not with You.

Response of administration

Thanks for the feedback.
Will respect your constructive comments.
The hike will discuss with Oleg and Roman, and then draw conclusions and take measures to ensure that such situations are not repeated.

Tour Information

Svanetia is loved and revered in Georgia, because its amazing architecture and original culture is famous throughout the world. The towers of Svaneti in the village of Ushguli are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the ancient churches of the country of proud Swan have preserved the heritage of hundreds of centuries of rich history of this region.

Duration - 9 days

Level - medium

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