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Review. Trekking in Georgia «Svaneti»

Anna Sotskova 

Translated from Russian


The cost trasfertov and stay in front of the Guesthouse should be included in the tour cost. I liked that it was not a mandatory duty in the kitchen/camp.


I liked that each day the menu was hot first. I would like more variety of brands of chocolate bars on the route.

Instructor - Andriy Sopilyuk   

The instructor had everything under control. It was always clear where and why, how many are going. In difficult places was a safety net with his hand.

General opinion   

This was my first hike in this format. Overall was a pleasant experience. Difficulties were overcome, the positive emotions received more than negative.

Tour Information

Svanetia is loved and revered in Georgia, because its amazing architecture and original culture is famous throughout the world. The towers of Svaneti in the village of Ushguli are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the ancient churches of the country of proud Swan have preserved the heritage of hundreds of centuries of rich history of this region.

Duration - 9 days

Level - medium