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Trekking in Norway «North Star»

Travelling around the most amazing places of Norway can deeply impress you by manifoldness and monumentality of harsh northern nature. You get into the world of trolls and elves, with luck you still can meet them here in Norway. And of course you can enjoy improbable fjords and the pearl of this tour — legendary Trolltunga.

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Іrina Gergesha
Norway - you are beautiful!!! Norway - when just love. When it does not matter nor weather, nor the mood. Norway is not just cities, towns and nature. Norway is life! A small hut somewhere in the distant mountains, rivers and waterfalls, to the incredible purity of the lake, rocky trails that at first glance...
4 pcs
Ol'ga Sherbanyuk
Hiking in Norway I loved it! The scenery is incredible, the weather is really Norwegian, and the sun and the rain and the snow and the wind. The country is very interesting, will definitely be back here again. A group of wonderful, fun company, warm atmosphere, jokes and good mood in any weather :) Lo...
4 pcs
Ekaterina Borodina
Recommend track to passage. Only, be prepared for unstable weather for 2 weeks) The food is excellent as always Marshruta. To offers can make the results of the PPS (nuts and dried fruit in small portions), as is currently done with the paste. For example, you can combine them Great instuctor) Recommend...
Mariya Naumova
I liked it, a lot of experience. As suggestions/ideas, I would like to give more tour info to places by which we go about the country, customs and so had not enough here for such information. Well, even gained 3 pounds.:) Ivan is a great instructor who cared about each, cooked and fed us as children ;) I...
The campaign liked beautiful places, complex stones, travel by boat on the fjord, snow in summer, different weather, nice sopohodniki. And yet perforce of circumstances, Galdhopiggen was not useiden would still come back here. >Very good and tasty and hot, and well that was still a Supplement - in the mount...
3 pcs