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Review. Trekking in Norway «North Star»

Mariya Naumova 

Translated from Russian


Overall I liked everything on the organization, there was a slight hitch between the two programs when waited for the second group in Bergen, there was a feeling that a bit not smoothly, waited a long time to everyone, even if I knew in advance that we have the whole day ahead of you, planned it would be otherwise.


Well, even gained 3 pounds.:)

Instructor - Ivan Kozachenko   

Ivan is a great instructor who cared about each, cooked and fed us as children ;)

General opinion   

I liked it, a lot of experience.
As suggestions/ideas, I would like to give more tour info to places by which we go about the country, customs and so had not enough here for such information.

Response of administration

Thanks for the feedback. Be sure to eliminate defects and complete Hiking information for Norway.

Tour Information

Travelling around the most amazing places of Norway can deeply impress you by manifoldness and monumentality of harsh northern nature. You get into the world of trolls and elves, with luck you still can meet them here in Norway. And of course you can enjoy improbable fjords and the pearl of this tour — legendary Trolltunga.

Duration - 13 days

Level - high

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