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Review. Trekking in Nepal «Everest base camp»

Maksim Mylashko 

Translated from Russian


Excellent organization, any issues were resolved quickly.


Meals at the Lodge, though by the end of the track is already fed up with local food, it is advisable to pack a couple sticks of sausage, not to forget the taste of the homeland.

Instructor - Roman Flys   

Roma and Sasha were always ready to help, no complaints, the only thing I did not like during the trip - one of them was desirable, in my opinion, stay with the ill member for half a day and help him with the evacuation. It is clear that he is a grown man and left him in naselennom point, but it would have been quieter.

General opinion   

Very cool experience to get maximum pleasure, it is better for a month or two to start training to run, Crouch and a few times just to walk around with a backpack for several hours. Plus suggest at least a few days before apex to buy diacarb - helps with acclimatization to the head less ill at mountain explorers.

Response of administration

Thanks for the feedback. Party cold had not planned the evacuation, and were accompanied to go down, what we agreed with the owner of the lodges. His evacuation was a surprise, as this is the first time in our practice to evacuate a man with a cold.

Tour Information

Trekking to the Everest is an incredible journey to the foot of the highest mountain of our planet. You will get acquainted with the extraordinary nature of Nepal and change several climatic zones during trekking to Everest, visit the capital of the highland people of Sherpas, which, thanks to their endurance, to this day help climbers climb Mount Everest.

Duration - 15 days

Level - high

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