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Review. Hiking in Iceland «Walk on Mars»

Alekseiy Kosmynin 

Translated from Russian



Instructor - Roman Flys   

General opinion   

Impressions from the campaign are amazing. Iceland, glaciers, volcanoes, Reykjavik. Things default is cool, which view is necessary. About these points much has been written on the network, therefore, to write not see the point. Just write a list of the most memorable moments:
1. Novel our instructor. The bearded guy in the hat with the mushrooms. Looks awesome and edgy. A Slavic spirit against the background of progressing in Europe)
2. Breakfast. In a pot of boiling water put two Powerage coffee. And a pot of pasta to cut almost a pound of cheese. At home I don't drink such strong coffee and don't eat such cheese pasta. But when you get in the morning from the tent. The sky crawls the sun. Fuss around foreigners, so as not to fall behind, and we sit quietly and discuss things over Breakfast. This is cool.
3. Volcanoes, rain, hail, cold. Soaked to the thread. Vetrishche. But we still have to cross the glacier. Slippery, wet, muddy. It's getting dark. And then on the horizon we see the house. Let. And there is a lot of the same raw guys from different countries. Then the soup on a gas burner on the table. In the course it was the most delicious soup))
4. Hitchhiking. I never ride hitchhiking. Especially under the condition that almost do not speak English and there are English-speaking. But as it turned out — everything really. The total amount covered about 1000 km, Maybe a little less. About this point is telling. Guys, thank you for that) Is definitely a non-standard twist for the travel Agency))
5. Dinner at the glacial lagoon. We sit four. In the hands of steaming tea and porridge. The sun goes down. Before you pass the huge ice floes. On the left the Atlantic ocean. On the right the millennial glacier. In addition to our three tents anyone else. And to the nearest town a couple hundred km of hitchhiking. Bonus — in the water of the sea cats, and on earth ducks and sheep)) Damn, it's unforgettable.
6. And fish, fish. In Reykjavik fantastic fish restaurants. Dear. Terribly expensive. But she is definitely worth it. At least, that it is necessary to try out the local cuisine.
Generally just a sea of impressions. It's been a month since you got back. And so just has cooled. Or maybe just one too many times told about the trip.
To sum up, it was the best trip with very steep and intense program. Great band. Met some cool people. Well, just a great guide/instructor. Its contribution to the overall success of the event was huge. Be sure to go with the Novel again. This is the man who turns the route into an adventure.

Tour Information

Incredible travel which resembles a walk on Mars, as we see improbable lava fields, thermal valleys and huge glaciers. During the hike we overcome several unique valleys, swim in the Atlantic Ocean and visit an ice lagoon where glacier slowly slides into the ocean. Also we visit fabulous waterfalls, geysers and thermal Blue Lagoon. This trip is likely to be the best travel of the year or even the best travel of life.

Duration - 13 days

Level - medium/high

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26 July – 7 August 2020
11–23 August 2020
23 August – 4 September 2020