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Review. Hiking in Iceland «Walk on Mars»

Natalya Kravtsova 

Translated from Russian


Nothing to complain about. Before creating a General chat, Alexander willingly answered all my questions, helped to choose clothes and reassuringly stated that he would be able to fit in a 40-liter backpack. And I was able.
The route is thought over to trifles, every day you see something new and unexpected. The pace of the hike everyone can choose himself, but we never ran out of time – everything was ready to go at the appointed time and we always came to camp at the scheduled time.
And not a word about politics.


Decent, just had enough. All natural, no flavor enhancers. Freeze-dried (dehydrated) vegetables and meat is a great thing. In my opinion, in the campaign have to be stew. Turn it on in the first days of the campaign. Snickers and bounty, just need to dilute twixie. Although it is the little things that did not spoil our menu. For those who are afraid to be hungry supplements are enough for everyone, your sneakers and the nuts can not take it. All delicious.

Instructor - Roman Flys   

Such I did not meet in this life. Honestly. Decent original words. I love people who like it do their job. There is no polygonati, polywood or polyterpenes. Roma is real. Liked his respect for nature and people. Clean, strong and beautiful people.

General opinion   

I just wanted to see the mountains, waterfalls and geysers, and saw much more. Small world, cut off from everyday reality.
Hear yourself, in Moscow is not so quiet. In goose bumps from the awareness of spaciousness. Tears of extraordinary beauty, fragility and power of nature. Only be yourself, being terribly alive. To trust the world. As compensation for the cold night to see the Northern lights. Eat garlic just because he is your neighbor in the tent. Do not hang in the phone. To be the here and now. Silence rather than speech. The most delicious food is that refuge. The best house – orange. The most remarkable Explorer of the Roma.
To detect less than a week, that you miss those people who went along. Lay imported stones and sand. But touch ID still doesn't recognize you.

Huge thanks to Rome, Alexander and all the participants!

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

Incredible travel which resembles a walk on Mars, as we see improbable lava fields, thermal valleys and huge glaciers. During the hike we overcome several unique valleys, swim in the Atlantic Ocean and visit an ice lagoon where glacier slowly slides into the ocean. Also we visit fabulous waterfalls, geysers and thermal Blue Lagoon. This trip is likely to be the best travel of the year or even the best travel of life.

Duration - 13 days

Level - medium/high

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