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Review. Hiking in Iceland «Walk on Mars»

Dar'ya Kovaleva 

Translated from Russian


Good feedback, and if you have any questions, ask them not two weeks before the hike (which creates a General chat), and in advance. And the questions will be many. Especially if you are going on a campaign from scratch. Life hack: read all information on the website is not only about the route(there are a lot of letters), and the things you must have in the campaign. It's all there. P. S. the flashlight and the batteries can not take it, if you go in July, there are white nights.


Our chef Roman, who was impersonating the instructor take into account all the troubles and wishes of our whimsical shower. He waited while coffee drinkers will gain the basins to the brim, so you can begin brewing the leaves for tea lovers. The same ritual took place with the vegetarians and meat eaters. Complete tolerance in the most unsuitable conditions is captivating and sends petisco this category.

It is important to know:
In this campaign, each of you can feel for a man whose PR Manager is Karl Marx, when the right hand is Snickers in his left hand - well, the one that you went for a walk.
That sinks into the soul suddenly and permanently is of course bulgur, especially when the grandmother in the neighboring came a pear in chocolate drinks and white rum, and the French fry juicy meaty steak and drinking red wine with the elite terroirs. In these moments you will seem, no, you can be sure that the bulgur is about something present, heaven in a tent, and you will be overwhelmed with pride and drool.
In bad weather you, as true gourmets, will Mivina brewing in the tea and squeeze out a pack of condensed milk straight into his mouth. Hands, chin and a bag of food will inevitably become a sticky, but to go to the washroom do not have the energy, so you will wipe it all in one damp cloth, put on the cap and lower under the rain and the wind that bends your tent from side to side, fall asleep with the thought: Holy shit, but this is just the first day of the campaign. And cheek rolls a tear on the collar dirty flicky.
Crumbs from crackers, breads, snacks will be your constant companions in this adventure. So try to forget about the regime of the Princess and the pea, and to become intimate with these babies.
Of the brightest memories is fruits and vegetables. Or rather their absence. Of course you can buy them in the shops near advanced camps, but strongly recommend not to do it. Especially because of the selection there will be tired bananas and apples, the taste of which will satisfy you a little.
In the second week you will start dreaming bloodshot sun pears and tomatoes from the garden, Granny, you fill a tub and bathe in it, enter the Apple-cucumber infusion I. V., RUB peaches with watermelon in the gums, in General the maximum return itself is carried out by Icelandic winds of vitamins and minerals.
What I would change to improve the power of subsequent group?
This is the path you want to go.
Suffering purify your soul and makes you stronger.
PS Stock up on caramels and nishtyak in addition to uzsakovo food. You will be grateful yourself for these stocks in the lean minutes.

Instructor - Roman Flys   

Roma, I'm sorry, but I have to go, bulgur, understand, bulgur, bulgur.
So Novel. It is not necessary to compose. He's already perfectly formed.
Chugaister with carpatsky.. If he kazhe “pocomo”, tkai s village.
It is possible you will experience a wide range of feelings from laughter to sweaty palms on the steep slope, from the devastating "a dinner soon?", to "think the second part was superfluous."
About all the difficulties in the way Roma are thinking and just relaxed. And you believe him. While the pegs of the rope on a narrow trail over the cliff begin to fall in your eyes from the ground.
In common with this guy you will not get lost.
But this is not accurate.

General opinion   

All the time in the trip we asked each other the question: do you think you will feel that you are in Iceland?
And you know, truth be told, I never realized this.
The importance of what is happening soared as high you hold your breath in order not to violate the sacredness of the moment. Because can you even believe it?
It's s-l-a-n-d-I-a.
It's been three weeks, and the beauty of this island and not located on the shelves in my memories.
2 weeks of camping in the land of ice and fire, like a little life, and like a hundred of the most memorable emotional thousand years in the Treasury of memory.
Stop reading other people's experience and reviews, best still your unique.
Drive more in the country of volcanoes and let this place is not "public opinion", and personally yours.
Just do it!

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

Incredible travel which resembles a walk on Mars, as we see improbable lava fields, thermal valleys and huge glaciers. During the hike we overcome several unique valleys, swim in the Atlantic Ocean and visit an ice lagoon where glacier slowly slides into the ocean. Also we visit fabulous waterfalls, geysers and thermal Blue Lagoon. This trip is likely to be the best travel of the year or even the best travel of life.

Duration - 13 days

Level - medium/high

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