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Trekking in Carpathians «Winter Svydovets»

For today it is our most typical winter trip to the Carpathians, in which you will visit the Svidovets mountain range. You are waiting for the ascent to the top of Bolshaya Bliznitsa, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Carpathians. Frosty air, star-studded night sky, evening gatherings by the fire and an incredibly colorful route.

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Duration: 4 days
Distance: ~40 km
Start: Ivano-Frankivsk before 9:00
Finish: Ivano-Frankivsk after 16:00
Accommodation: tent
Effort level: easy/medium


Ivano-Frankivsk - Dragobrat - Mountain of the Gendarmes (1785 meters) - Mount Big Bliznitsa (1881 meters) - Mount Malaya Bliznitsa (1566 meters) - Mount Pereslup (1452 meters) - Mount Staraya (1472 meters) - Mount Terentin (1388 meters) Mount Maguritsa (1265 meters) - Rakhiv - Ivano-Frankivsk