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Review. Trekking in Georgia «Svaneti + sea»

Denis K. 

Translated from Russian


The organization was at a good level, all the instructions on the website and throw in the General chat of the telegram allowed me without question to gather in the campaign and get to the meeting place of the group.


Homemade sublimity even worse taste than the classic factory "Jidlo" or "Iditarod" from zarekomendovala brands, on this route there was a lot of civilization and exits to stores so that the use of dry soup is not justified.

Instructor - Oleh Yadlush   

Oleg proved himself as a good organizer and soul of the company, fully satisfied with his work.

General opinion   

Except for a small confusion which made me sublimate in the layout it was a wonderful and memorable trip. The beauty of the surrounding mountains and the sum of the relative cheap cost of travel are forced to plan new tracks in the charming Georgia.

Response of administration

Thanks for the feedback.
Sorry you did not like the dry products, for 5 years of use you fourth member, which they did not like:(

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

Trekking in Georgia is an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural and natural diversity of this incredible country, where you will definitely leave a part of yourself. The Georgian writer Ilya Chavchavadze advised: "If you love Georgia at all, go to Svaneti!"

Duration - 10 days

Level - medium

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