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Review. Trekking in Georgia «Svaneti + sea»

Margarita Grigorash 

Translated from Russian


Overall, not bad, but there were some problems associated with logistics and housing. But it's the little things, all ultimately decided.


Excellent food, nobody went hungry, it was delicious, good quality products, it is clear that they are not saved. The only thing one star removed - tea, coffee and sugar ended at the wrong time. And freeze the meat on these short trips can be at least partially replaced by tinned meat.

Instructor - Oleh Yadlush   

Oleg good instructor, but with his speed and power to much different age group hold seems to be hard alone. He ran forward, the group stretched much.
And I would like the instructor to obtain some information on the location, history, features, maybe some stories. This makes the campaign more interesting than just walking, shifting food intake.

General opinion   

The route is good for a complex study of Georgia. We saw almost everything. The mountains and different towns, villages and the sea.
Many journeys, which total took a third of the entire trip, it is necessary to be morally ready.
The campaign itself is simple, but allows you to taste all the pleasures of mountain Hiking.

Did not like the fact that the price for the trip is listed only directly over the "guide and camping supply". For everything else, including transfers had to pay extra. It bothered. I went Hiking with different commercial turkluba, they indicated the full price of the trip, excluding flight and food in the caf?, everything else is taken into account. It is easier and allows you to calculate in advance the costs. Specified "to bring about so much money" looks strange for a commercial.tourist club.

Response of administration

Thanks for the feedback.
Your recommendations will take into account.
Freeze-dried meat, unfortunately, nothing to replace (good corned beef there, and to replace the usual we are not ready).
As for the transfers, the price depends on group size and point of arrival and departure, so it is difficult for us to include them in the price hikes.
The price is different depending on the conditions (we occasionally sleep in different places), so her rates are not included.

Tour Information

Trekking in Georgia is an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural and natural diversity of this incredible country, where you will definitely leave a part of yourself. The Georgian writer Ilya Chavchavadze advised: "If you love Georgia at all, go to Svaneti!"

Duration - 10 days

Level - medium

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