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Review. Trekking in Carpathians «Marmarosy (Hutsul Alps)»

Artyom Kosmonavtovich 

Translated from Russian


Everything was smooth! But there is a desire to reconsider the start not at 9 but at 10 in the morning, since one hour did not decide anything in our case, and we had to pay three orders of magnitude more money for tickets.


All is well, but it is not clear why the stew was removed from the diet. Others go with her and everything is ok. I won't eat snickers for a year))

Instructor - Anatoliy Kozachenko   

Everything is good, but I would like to learn more tricks and life hacks from the instructor, because he is an experienced one, he knows a lot of things, he had to ask))

General opinion   

Delight, shine and inspiration! This is how I can describe our trip. We chose a very good time for the hike and was incredibly lucky with the weather. We also visited Summer and Autumn, and Winter and Spring)) If after my first trek along the ChG ridge I thought: I’ll go, but not soon, then returning from this campaign I already thought - when is the next one? I would rather! Honestly, my equipment is higher than the initial level, but with a sleeping bag I lost it, the limit of which was -2, and I had to sleep at -7, even 4 pairs of pants and 3 jackets did not save))) As for the transition process itself, not very I liked that they throw the last "turtle" and then wait, instead of putting this turtle forward. Instead of a photo, I'll add a link to the video, which was automatically edited in 20 minutes))

Tour Information

Unusual hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, where the ridges are steep, rocky peaks and a large part of the route runs along the border between Ukraine and Romania. Marmarosy not for nothing called the Hutsul Alps, they are very different from the usual Carpathian peaks and do not cease to amaze with their spectacular views, and the status of the border for a long time doing this part of the Carpathians is closed to the public.

Duration - 6 days

Level - medium