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Review. Trekking in Carpathians «Marmarosy (Hutsul Alps)»

Yuliya Kurbackaya i Aleksandr Poltavskiiy 

Translated from Russian


It was incredible and exciting! This is our second time in the Carpathians, but first turned to the organization of the campaign with TC "Route".
Before the trip all participants were called and asked about the equipment and whether they got to the meeting place, which is very important and pleasant.


Well thought out food, liked everything, especially the Breakfast spaghetti with feta cheese and tuna, just a lot of chocolate bars that always gave me a boost of energy and good mood. The instructor cook and respond to the unique needs of each participant. It was a real "gastro-tour," every day eat a lot of berries: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and porcini mushrooms.

Instructor - Vitaliy Demianyk   

The hike was interesting and informative, thanks to the instructor Vitaly Demyanko - man-the professional, the soul of the company, his humor and funny stories made our cheeks ache from laughing, it was the peace of the evening around the campfire. Vitaly was able to unite the team,helping in all situations, very worried about each participant. Personal thanks for the support in overcoming the fear of heights.:)

General opinion   

Have the impression that our company - good old friends and we'll meet again next year on a new route, but same will be opting TK "Route" and instructor Vitaly Damyanica .
We had installed a small video about this wonderful campaign, here is the link on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MTMiez7oxw

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

Unusual hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, where the ridges are steep, rocky peaks and a large part of the route runs along the border between Ukraine and Romania. Marmarosy not for nothing called the Hutsul Alps, they are very different from the usual Carpathian peaks and do not cease to amaze with their spectacular views, and the status of the border for a long time doing this part of the Carpathians is closed to the public.

Duration - 6 days

Level - medium

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