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Review. Hiking in Turkey «Lycian trail and the sea»

Anna Bondareva 

Translated from Russian


Honestly, this was my 3rd commercial campaign overall, 1st hike with the trail club, there is nothing to compare, and the organization I did not like. Especially if there are newbies (who go camping in 1 time), they need special attention from the guide, as though the terrain is not quite flat (Yes, there are no such passes in the Caucasus 3,000 - 4000), but steep descents and ascents there, eat there (loose surface), not all do easily and quickly. Better to have 2 guides, to have someone to instruct and to close on the route between halts, cheer emotionally =). And yet I see the guide in a commercial (paid) campaign primarily as a man who knows how to unite the group and is responsible for the safety of each member of the group, its main task - to deliver all in one piece to the finish line (Route I did not see it). From pluses: it is easier for a life that was not this requirement with the duty and all were prepared by the instructor.


The food is good, I really liked everything: soups, cereals, and cheese, and bread, and sweets, in General, everything.

Instructor - Andriy Sopilyuk   

Human characteristics are all OK, very experienced in terms of campaigns, because I've been places. But once again (see my comment on the Organization), in my opinion the instructor in particular (and the company engaged in organization of paid campaigns) is still the initial goal is to make all alive, to be psychologically comfortable to overcome the route (I mean help to deal with the internal challenge of participants, because everyone has a different experience and some parts to someone was not really difficult from a physical point of view, and psychologically).

General opinion   

In General I can say that I have not regretted that went Hiking in the mountainous part of the Lycian trail. Loved the route, a fairly uniform distribution of load every day. Views, nature, mountains, sunrises and sunsets and alluring sea - all this is beyond words =)). But gonna throw up a rating 3 of 5, because there is nothing to compare in terms of organization of commercial routes. I hope you will consider for the future. Don't know if I'd go another Route somewhere... In any case, success in development!

Response of administration

Thanks for the feedback. Will definitely improve the communication of the instructor with the group (it will be mandatory to tell about the next stage of the route). About moral support of the participants, the instructor does not always have the opportunity to be next to each of the participants, but we will try somehow to solve this problem.

Tour Information

Hiking in the unforgettable and fantastic Turkey will introduce you to one of the most interesting hiking routes in the World — Lycian trail. You will ascend to Turkish Olympus, see fire-breathing Chimera and ancient city Olympos.

Duration - 9 days

Level - easy/medium

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