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Review. Hike for the May holidays "Spring Carpathians"

Dіana Tipko 

Translation from Ukrainian


All was well organized. Almost no questions regarding organizational issues, as it was sent a letter in the mail, where the organizers are all clearly described. Even reminded to call my family before the start. It was very cute :)
Accurately calculated the time for the entire route. The route was quite comfortable and at the same time, with incredible scenery.


The food was rich, balanced and delicious.
Just a little missed piece of bacon before the lunch snacks. But the pasta with feta - it was unbeatable!

Instructor - Anatoliy Kozachenko   

Oh! Anatoly class instructor. He has such good traits like self-control, calmness and organization. As the group was offering something interesting vitiate, he was always Behind! ;)
It is possible to communicate on different topics, and van is pleased to share his knowledge and interesting stories. And anecdotes, this is a separate big topic for discussion because we were safe battles. I giggled to tears ))))

General opinion   

Experience and new friends is worth the hike!
Do not hesitate and sign up!
See you soon at "Marshrut"

Tour Information

A trip to the Carpathians on May holidays, which will acquaint you with the beauty of the spring Carpathians, where there are still islands of snow on the mountain ranges, and the air is filled with fragrant spring smells. You will see in all its glory the mighty Carpathian waterfalls, you will visit the Carpathian outback and get acquainted with the life of Carpathian shepherds.

Duration - 6 days

Level - medium