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Hiking in Turkey «Lycian trail: along the sea»

The trek in Turkey covers the coastal part of the famous Lycian trail. In the campaign there will be no large differences in heights and long transitions, only the gentle Mediterranean Sea and relatively light backpacks.

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2–8 May 2021Have places
$249 $187
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Elena Andrievskaya
Trekking on the Lycian way exceeded all my expectations, Turkey is striking in its extremely beautiful nature - the mountains, the turquoise of the Mediterranean sea, various plants and animals. The campaign was able to escape from the bustle and hear themselves. Starry night sky, the sound of the surf, guita...
1 pcs
Vadim Urazov
Aleksandr Ivanenko
It turned out an incredible vacation. Easy and not a complicated route with lots of beaches. I advise everyone to try. The food is super!! Balance healthy, tasty and healthy. (fruit, vegetables present in abundance). Special thanks to Sasha!!! It turned out an incredible vacation. Easy and not a compli...
2 pcs
Kol'cova Nina
I am happy that I decided to take a chance to go to this tour. Revealed himself with the new party, and also learned new people close to me. Don't regret the money spent. They hoisted me on this romance:) When I had the chance, spoiled us with local fruit and other Goodies:) Very pleased with the desserts inc...
Yaroslav Tarnovskiiy
Well, if that just did a little of all the above, I would say that going into this campaign, you only get to lose here, you can, razve that only the extra weight) Friends, what can I say, food is a particularly important part of the campaign and there is nothing to complain about, she cooked on the bonfire i...
Elena Shtepa
This trip is for me a huge gift, I never thought I'd be so happy!!! Especially pleased that thanks to good organization, instructor time and his knowledge of the area we didn't miss anything, and is quite able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, warm sea and all sorts of Goodies Turkey!! This trip definitely will...
1 pcs
Pavel Isaiychuk
Trekking on the Lycian way was a wonderful vacation, full of impressions. The diversity of nature, a well-planned routine of the day, the opportunity to enjoy the sea and beach vacation made the trek obscenely comfortable. After arriving home didn't even have to relax :) Thank the instructor for the organizat...
7 pcs