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Review. Hiking in Turkey «Lycian trail: along the sea»

Kol'cova Nina  

Translated from Russian


Everything was very orderly and safe. Balanced load and rest. Care was provided to each member of the group. No need to worry about any issues. Everything was better than "all inclusive"!


When I had the chance, spoiled us with local fruit and other Goodies:) Very pleased with the desserts included in the menu:) Oatmeal was a luxury:)

Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

I was very glad to discover smart and interesting person, to acquire a good friend. I hope in the future, and other.

General opinion   

I am happy that I decided to take a chance to go to this tour. Revealed himself with the new party, and also learned new people close to me. Don't regret the money spent. They hoisted me on this romance:)

Tour Information

The trek in Turkey covers the coastal part of the famous Lycian trail. In the campaign there will be no large differences in heights and long transitions, only the gentle Mediterranean Sea and relatively light backpacks.

Duration - 7 days

Level - easy/medium

Nearest hikes:
2–8 May 2021