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Winter hiking in Carpathians «Carpathian's panorama (comfort-tour)»

If you do not dare to go on a winter trip to the Carpathians because of the fear of freezing at night in a tent, and you really want to see the winter Carpathians, then you come here. This winter hike in the Carpathian light will allow you to go to the mountains in the winter and admire the panorama of the Montenegrin mountain range.

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29 December 2024 – 1 January 2025> 5 places
9749 hrn 7799 hrn
Discounted Places 20% - 4
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Anna Vas'kovskaya
I liked everything in terms of load, scenic route, food and comfort. It was delicious and more than enough food. An interesting and friendly open person who took care and tried to make our trip as comfortable and safe as possible for everyone. I liked everything in terms of load, scenic route, food and comfor...
4 pcs
Ol'ga Bazyleva
We were incredibly lucky in such a short period we saw the Carpathian mountains are absolutely different: and sun and freezing wind, and light snow. Winter is really fascinating, there was a feeling of a small tale. Delicious, hearty and enough. Happy Hiking again tasted the soup. And yet we were waited by a...
3 pcs
Il'ya Pisarchik
The overall impression is wonderful! It was delicious and satisfying! The instructor is very good! The overall impression is wonderful!...
Elena Kochetkova
Some days at home, but emotions are not let go :) Thank you to our guide – a Novel for a really "specific" route. And though not always it was possible to see the scheduled peaks due to the weather, we still managed to catch the "fat" part of the route. A lot of lifts, where each lift has opened a seemingly...
Denis Ozolin
All great, been in a fairy tale, elegant atmosphere, types and new year's table ) In nutrition, everything is fine, probably ate more than at home ) Thank you Anatoly, the man knows his business, it was nice to spend time in his company. I hope to see you in the next campaigns. All great, been in a fairy tale...
4 pcs
Andrіiy Lazurkevich
Loved it. Snowshoes + poles with rings rule. Without them it would be difficult. A good estate. If you are allergic to dust can be nuances. All OK. The usual soup kitchen with sublimat. Christmas lunch from the hostess - super. While the best of those with jimym I went. For half an hour, dug in the snow bar w...
4 pcs
Anastasiya Skochenko
Thanks Marshrut! The food is excellent! Gala dinner - wonderful! The instructor should be stricter) Thanks Marshrut!...