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Review. Winter hiking in Carpathians «Carpathian's panorama (comfort-tour)»

Andrіiy Lazurkevich 

Translation from Ukrainian


Organizer monoplacophora with the arrival time. Everything else is OK.


All OK. The usual soup kitchen with sublimat. Christmas lunch from the hostess - super.

Instructor - Roman Flys   

While the best of those with jimym I went. For half an hour, dug in the snow bar with a table.

General opinion   

Loved it. Snowshoes + poles with rings rule. Without them it would be difficult. A good estate. If you are allergic to dust can be nuances.

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

If you do not dare to go on a winter trip to the Carpathians because of the fear of freezing at night in a tent, and you really want to see the winter Carpathians, then you come here. This winter hike in the Carpathian light will allow you to go to the mountains in the winter and admire the panorama of the Montenegrin mountain range.

Duration - 4 days

Level - medium

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29 December 2024 – 1 January 2025