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Review. Winter hiking in Carpathians «Carpathian's panorama (comfort-tour)»

Elena Kochetkova 

Translated from Russian



Instructor - Roman Flys   

General opinion   

Some days at home, but emotions are not let go :)
Thank you to our guide – a Novel for a really "specific" route. And though not always it was possible to see the scheduled peaks due to the weather, we still managed to catch the "fat" part of the route. A lot of lifts, where each lift has opened a seemingly endless panorama of mountains or hypnotic paintings of smerek, and then the descents. Moreover, descents were very much pleased. There was a feeling that you're just floating on the snow.
Snow and spruce – this is another tale )). So many perfectly delicious snow comes the euphoria. For example, I just couldn't resist and not try to snow the taste. Snow-covered fir is the most luxurious, decorated Christmas trees for me.
You find yourself in a snowy fairytale, there does not want to leave.
And Yes, without snowshoes, we would not be able to surf for so long )).
Of course there were evening gatherings in the large kitchen, which is heated by firewood. Delicious cooked dinner, games and conversations do not gave to leave early to sleep.
Everything is fine, but very little))

Tour Information

If you do not dare to go on a winter trip to the Carpathians because of the fear of freezing at night in a tent, and you really want to see the winter Carpathians, then you come here. This winter hike in the Carpathian light will allow you to go to the mountains in the winter and admire the panorama of the Montenegrin mountain range.

Duration - 4 days

Level - medium

Nearest hikes:
29 December 2024 – 1 January 2025