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Review. Hiking in Crimea «Chatyrdag, Demerdzhi and Novyy Svet»


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Good day to all!
With travel and camp life since childhood, but somehow it happened that in Hiking to participate was not necessary. This omission has been decided to fix and for may holidays to go with Marshrut-club Ohm across mountain Crimea. Now I only regret that I did not do this before. I liked it! The route itself is very interesting and well thought out. Throughout the hike we admired the mountains, caves, waterfalls, sea and historic sights of the Crimea. So well pleased with the organization from the beginning to the end! And a huge thank you to our instructor Hello, we are fed, encouraged, protected from trouble and charged a good mood!
The trip left unforgettable impressions from the spring beauties blooming in the mountain Crimea, pleasant memories of evening gatherings and campfire songs and of course new people with wonderful and interesting people!
I would like to recommend this route for both beginners and experienced, I'm sure that disappointed You.
Guys, thanks for the may day! Serge happy Birthday =)
Go Hiking, go to the mountains and Yes You will arrive with Happiness! See you soon in the mountains!

Tour Information

This route it’s most popular hiking tour in Crimea. In this hiking tour you will see many landmarks of Crimea: two very popular caves (Marble cave and Emine-Bayir-Khosar cave), two mountain massif (Chatyr-Dag and Demerdzhi), Ghosts Valley, picturesque vertex Demerdzhi South, natural boundary Dzhurla, largest Crimean waterfall (Dzhur- Dzhur) and other.

Duration - 6 days

Level - easy/medium