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Review. Hiking in Crimea «Chatyrdag, Demerdzhi and Novyy Svet»


Translated from Russian



Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

General opinion   

We may March, I'll tell you now:
Chatyrdag and Demerji, a New Light — all just class!
The Crimea we were met by all the rain. We all do not care-can not get enough!
Backpacks Packed and go for Sasha pushed hard,
Met, laughed, was initially afraid,
Unusual up Chagall, rain and wind is cursed,
Conquered Chatyrdag, all caves studied,
Tea at "the Buffet" we drank.
Here tents, so a fire, struck up a conversation
Who for what and who is where...
Condensed milk who who the oatmeal, who generally yells — I will Not!
Night in tents slept off, all washed, impressed
Early in the morning sought
The day was hard, I admit, there in the distance, could see the sea...
Look chic with the height: snow, flowers bloom.
Beauty is not to describe, but... come on you have to hike.
And the Beech glade in the day spent the night.
Around the campfire we chatted a bit, ate dinner, posively...
The sleeping bags went to sleep early tomorrow all rise!
Morning together was going to, drank tea, washed...
The group waited another rise... Demerdzhi were met with rain.
Dirty goat trail... then like a dream...
— All the rest! — Screams at us Sasha.
That evening porridge.
The porridge was delicious, things dry around the campfire, talking until the morning...
Tomorrow is a new day... the waterfalls all not lazy
Continued mountain tour. Ahead of us was waiting for the Jur-Jur.
And below, just below, shouting: " well!"
And here on the beach lined up our tents.
Super! The sea! Positive! Strength and vigor rush!
Together wood gathered in the sea legs bathed.
Ahead of a New world, the mountains, the most ancient years
Rocks, trails, the juniper, the view of the sea, a step forward.
On Golitsyn Trail continued our hike.
Kapchik Cape and king's beach, and the ancient grotto.
At night, drank wine, stayed up late,
No one wished to part, we sit-pilos-ELOS,
That morning, all home
Sorry... liked the most
A group of mountains to climb,
There is such a beauty... not even to pass.
Want again again... see more
Sea, rocks, trails, caves...
Still striding forward!
All thanks to you, friends,
We Route more than once, still going camping!

Tour Information

This route it’s most popular hiking tour in Crimea. In this hiking tour you will see many landmarks of Crimea: two very popular caves (Marble cave and Emine-Bayir-Khosar cave), two mountain massif (Chatyr-Dag and Demerdzhi), Ghosts Valley, picturesque vertex Demerdzhi South, natural boundary Dzhurla, largest Crimean waterfall (Dzhur- Dzhur) and other.

Duration - 6 days

Level - easy/medium