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Review. Hiking in Crimea «Chatyrdag, Demerdzhi and Novyy Svet»


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General opinion   

"Wings folded tent, finished the campaign..."
Here we are, the campaign is over, around again — a bustling city, in the soul — nostalgia for open spaces and air. So, as it were. The hike was in the Crimea, 6 days. Route Chatyrdag, Demerdzhi — Dzhurla falls — waterfall Jur-Jur — the New world. It was my first time Hiking, so the first two days were difficult. Steep uphill, to go with the backpack — hard. Tired. But! Climb finally up on top of the world and understand — here it is, the meaning of life:) Beauty all around, on top of the snowfields around them — a riot of flowering, on the left — the picturesque rocks on the right, the valleys, forests, villages, the smell of the sea, herbs, freshness and freedom. Guys up there, very good. Fatigue is forgotten, and the memory of the top of the mountain remains.

Then it became easier to go, and the road less steep, and got used to it, accustomed. I had time to look around, and to Uttagsautomat the area.

The Crimea in may — gorgeous, everything is blooming, smells, greenery, framed by the harsh ledges and cracks, softens the coldness of the rocks, all around, feel the life and awe. On the way we encountered a group of tourists, which was a pleasant surprise — mainly behave politely, don't litter, the lawns don't go:) To nature care.

The company we have chosen different — in age and in interests, but have found a common language easily, in the evening — sang to the guitar, swapping stories, what could be better after a difficult transition?

The instructor we had gold. Young, energetic, sensible. Special thanks to the instructor dime for the care of the group, that wishes and requests (to go slower, to wait for the Laggards) are taken into account, the food was delicious and prepared very much. When everyone was tired, dined, fall off from the bowls and olusanya, trying to sing with a guitar instructor regularly went to wash boilers. And where only the forces were taken?:)

There is only one request guys from a Route: to make the participants feel more comfortable in front of each segment of the path it would be good to announce that we are now waiting for, where we go, how we go, what is the complexity of the transition when the rest. So peaceful, you know what to expect.

But in General, the hike is a little life. It is inexplicable, this need to survive.
How to sing Vysotsky:
"You won't see below don't reach as
For all your happy life
Tenth of such beauty and wonders."

Tour Information

This route it’s most popular hiking tour in Crimea. In this hiking tour you will see many landmarks of Crimea: two very popular caves (Marble cave and Emine-Bayir-Khosar cave), two mountain massif (Chatyr-Dag and Demerdzhi), Ghosts Valley, picturesque vertex Demerdzhi South, natural boundary Dzhurla, largest Crimean waterfall (Dzhur- Dzhur) and other.

Duration - 6 days

Level - easy/medium