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Review. Trekking in Carpathians «Montenegrin ridge»


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Instructor - Roman Flys   

General opinion   

I'm in the campaign is not the first time, but in the Carpathians before that did not have to happen. Honestly, I thought that after the Crimea, there is less I like. Simply can not imagine the mountains without the sea and that's it. But already in the first day realized that the sea is a sea of mountains. And these mountains are special, covered with moss, overgrown with ferns, humid forests, stunning waterfalls and mountain lakes... And some "tasty" air, words can not convey! The air and the mountains that are really worn-out legs and physical exertion, from which not a trace remains after looking at the world from a bird's eye view... And all this in the Hiking romance — in front of the fire, with stew and good company of people who love the outdoors. Special thanks to the instructor, who not only didn't let me get lost in the Carpathian hamah:) and fall spirit, but also told a lot of interesting and exciting about these stunning mountains... Really want to come back to this beauty again... What to do and suggest to all who haven't been to the Carpathians! :)

Tour Information

On this trip includes all dvuhtysyaniki Carpathians and the highest mountain of Ukraine — Hoverla. Due to strong winds, which are hosted on the Montenegrin mountain range most of the year, its upper part is covered with trees, making it the highest mountain range of species of the Ukrainian Carpathians. You will find highest building, highest lake and a lot of very, very.

Duration - 6 days

Level - medium

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9–14 August 2020
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13–18 September 2020