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Review. Trekking in Carpathians «Montenegrin ridge»

Aleksandra Plechkina 

Translated from Russian


The organization at a decent level. Very grateful to the Manager, who answered questions and gave tips that was very necessary, because it was the first campaign.


A big plus is that the food is really enough and more!
Of course, everyone has different tastes, but I would like more cereals with meat sublimate, not pasta with tuna and feta)))
Lunch is better to diversify to something else. Five days on the sandwiches seasoned with ketchup - it's sad.
But the dinners, thanks to the ingenuity of a guide and circumstances, was excellent!

Instructor - Bogdan Symkiv   

Instructor Bogdan (uncle Boda) is a wonderful person and guide. Since it is impossible to despair or lose heart. You can hear a lot of stories and tips. Thank you for the company!

General opinion   

I'm very glad that for the first hike chose this route and time (July-August). Five days in the mountains is the best time to fall in love with them even more! And Montenegrin mountains and four peaks to conquer instil confidence that trips can and should go! In the city it's scary and mysterious, but turns out to be a heavy backpack home only. In the mountains - it's your house! Great to feel themselves and their capabilities, to breathe and to enjoy the absence of mobile communication!
Thank you Marshrut trravel club for the organization and support!

Tour Information

On this trip includes all dvuhtysyaniki Carpathians and the highest mountain of Ukraine — Hoverla. Due to strong winds, which are hosted on the Montenegrin mountain range most of the year, its upper part is covered with trees, making it the highest mountain range of species of the Ukrainian Carpathians. You will find highest building, highest lake and a lot of very, very.

Duration - 6 days

Level - medium

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