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Review. Trekking in Carpathians «Montenegrin ridge»

Galina Rvacheva 

Translated from Russian


The organization is at good enough level. Called in advance and the organizers and guide. Met at the railway station. During the campaign, no one is lost)))


Food was missing. Not hungry. Their food is better not to take, so as not to carry extra weight (I carried the whole trip bars))) All the food was prepared by the guide. The food was very tasty! Thanks Vitaly!))) The only bad was sausage snacks in the afternoon. It is average in quality. Unusual for me to eat sausage in General))))

Instructor - Vitaliy Demianyk   

The instructor we was vital. Sociable))) Answered our questions about the itinerary (what we pass and what's next, names of peaks etc.). Was given the choice on which route to go, while focused on the physical condition of each group member. The guide gave practical advice on how to stay warm in a sleeping bag if cold)))

General opinion   

The hike was pleasant! Very lucky with the composition of the group and of course guide Vitaly! (Guys, Hello!!)))) Several times approaching rain and thunderstorms forced to go quickly and so there was little time for contemplation of the surrounding beauty and taking photos,((( but some good photo managed to make))) It was my first trip to the mountains with accommodation in a tent. Until you try yourself, you will not be able to understand it or not and in what format! So try!!! I wish you all good weather and bright impressions!!! G. Petros we left a note and Mivina)))

Tour Information

On this trip includes all dvuhtysyaniki Carpathians and the highest mountain of Ukraine — Hoverla. Due to strong winds, which are hosted on the Montenegrin mountain range most of the year, its upper part is covered with trees, making it the highest mountain range of species of the Ukrainian Carpathians. You will find highest building, highest lake and a lot of very, very.

Duration - 6 days

Level - medium

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