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Review. Trekking in Carpathians «Carpathian waterfalls»

Vera Kuruch 

Translated from Russian


Special issues on the organization arose. All clear and easy to understand. We answered any questions and made the adjustment in time for the train.


Very pleased with the soup with bacon! The food was for our group too much, the remnants of the dismantled track) Is, of course, depends on tourists, we had two children - they do not need much;)

Instructor - Anatoliy Kozachenko   

Calm and silent. With everything you tried to do it by myself. But it was not there! We all urgently climbed through and questions) were always polite and correct)

General opinion   

I am in awe of the campaign. Despite the fatigue, I wanted a few more days to stay there. Thank you very much!

Tour Information

Carpathians — is not only beautiful mountains, but also beautiful waterfalls. This three-day trip involves two of them, as well as a unique Manyavsky skit, which was founded in the XIII century.

Duration - 3 days

Level - easy