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Hiking in Crimea "Guerrilla trails"

In this journey in Crimea you can get acquainted with the history guerrilla movement in Crimea. You will visit a obscure areas of Crimea, where during the World War II sheltering guerrillas, which housed guerrilla hideoutы and even guerrilla airfield. Little visited areas of Crimea will delight you with the pristine beauty of nature. You explore the picturesque canyon Kuchuk Karasu, Arpatskie waterfalls and in the end you will visit in the New World, its many attractions sure to surprise you.

Much and long to tell, how was the hike, but it is not interesting! It is important to say the atmosphere in which took place the journey:) In the campaign were lucky with the participants, but the tour guide (Sasha) this is all GOLD MAN))) So the Crimean landscape, spiced with good company and coupled with a...
Probably many people know the feeling, when for a mere couple of days you will see and feel more than a few years of life, and it seems that time flows faster... This was our eight-day Hiking in Eastern Crimea. At the end of the hike it was hard to believe it's only been a week, and all this really happened...