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Review. Hiking in Crimea "Guerrilla trails"


Translated from Russian



Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

General opinion   

Probably many people know the feeling, when for a mere couple of days you will see and feel more than a few years of life, and it seems that time flows faster... This was our eight-day Hiking in Eastern Crimea. At the end of the hike it was hard to believe it's only been a week, and all this really happened. To be honest, to remember anything at all was difficult, as we went almost on autopilot:), and pictures every day changed as in a kaleidoscope. First acquaintance with the band, then dark red curves caves, endless dolgorukovskaja jajla, the breathtaking sunset... Then dark, tent, canned meat, tea, cookies, good company, then I do not remember (presumably sleep). And again dawn, tea, oksanochka, which became my home for these days, then again forest places of partisan glory, autumn landscapes of the Crimean mountains, to the stunning views of the mountains Kara-Tau, the vastness of the sea! The long-awaited sea on the horizon! And again the sunset, dark, tent, campfire, dinner... Oh, Yes, and even GRAPES! A lot of grapes! Plantatiei... When it is not unable, and hands reach out...:)) And, of course, it's all completely legal:))))

And here on a 4 day sea, sea, sea, sea, and lot of joy from it! For some time we have become regular beachgoers-sloths, to lie on the sand, but now the instructor gives the command and we are back on the road...

And then — a series of nights by the sea under the open sky, awakening and sleep to the sound of waves ( and not only:))), the peace of the evening around the campfire, the jokes and the feeling that all this is unreal... I also remember the New world, Golitsyn trail, the fortress of Sudak, Cape Meganom, the September heat, and a lot of sea... hike unforgettable. Eight days and the impressions — for the whole winter! After this, looking forward to more hikes and adventures!

Tour Information

In this journey in Crimea you can get acquainted with the history guerrilla movement in Crimea. You will visit a obscure areas of Crimea, where during the World War II sheltering guerrillas, which housed guerrilla hideoutы and even guerrilla airfield. Little visited areas of Crimea will delight you with the pristine beauty of nature. You explore the picturesque canyon Kuchuk Karasu, Arpatskie waterfalls and in the end you will visit in the New World, its many attractions sure to surprise you.

Duration - 6 days

Level - easy/medium