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Review. Hiking in Crimea «Grand Canyon of Crimea»


Translated from Russian



Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

General opinion   

In the Crimea the whole family — what could be more fun? It is not those sensations to which we are accustomed, when we went with the children on the beaches of the resort when you need to live under the regime: Breakfast, beach, lunch, beach, dinner, walk, hang up, and so every day. Boring. It is quite another thing when we are all together every minute be in a new point of Crimea.

And what are these places! Holy assumption monastery and its healing springs and beautiful mountain views! A breathtaking beauty!

And cave city Chufut-Kale with his greatest secrets, which are stored in each cave. Here you can walk all day in these labyrinths of caves, but we still have a lot of interesting and beautiful. The main thing — to have time to capture all of this — mountain trail, mountain road, mountain springs with an energizing and healing water.

After hard climbs and equally difficult descents – how nice to sit near the campfire in good company with delicious in the world food and fragrant tea prepared by our instructor and just a good and interesting person Alexander.

About fatigue — no words, just the pleasure flashed past us for the last day of scenery and spread over us the night sky where the stars are so low that it seems each of them has something extraordinary to tell.

The Grand canyon, inspiring both fear and glory, phenomenon of nature. Here you feel like a bird and want to fly more and more higher to feel 100% the part of this unearthly beauty and Majesty! Most interesting is that we and the children felt the same, but loud about it, no one spoke. It was a pity only to realize that the next day will have to "down to earth".

The descent on Taraktash, the Uchan-su waterfall, the glade of fairy tales and ... the Sea. Swimming, snorkeling and walking along the seafront of Yalta — a cascade of all this yet another unforgettable experience. And here in Yalta, on the last day of our journey, we are all aware that more without it, just can not live, and are already beginning to make plans for our next family vacation which we will spend together with "Route". Thank you, dear "Route"!

See you soon!

Tour Information

In the beginning of this hiking tour in Crimea you can’t imagine how many interesting and picturesque places waiting for you ahead. In this hiking tour in Crimea you will see part of cave cities of Crimea and Khan's Palace in Bakhchisaray. You can visit one of the most beautiful places in Crimean Mountains — Grand Canyon of Crimea. In addition, you will ascent to main ridge of Crimean mountains and a visit to picturesque and mysterious natural boundary Taraktash. You can see the highest waterfall of Crimea — Uchan-Su, and the end of the route you'll come to Yalta — pearl of South Coast of Crimea.

Duration - 6 days

Level - easy/medium