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Hiking in the Carpathians «Svidovets»

The second highest mountain range of the Ukrainian Carpathians undoubtedly can compete for the title of the most picturesque mountain range of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Picturesque expanses of Svidovets are close to the rocky ridges of Gorgan and the highest mountain range in Ukraine — Montenegrin ridge.

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Vladimir Lapin
I was told that in early October in the Carpathians "Indian summer". In this campaign it almost did. But at the end of the road. And in the beginning of his Svydovets met no mushrooms in the green peaks, and snow and Blizzard. But even pictures can't convey how beautiful it is, not the words... it's so insane...
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Al'ona Kovalenko
I liked it very much. Thank you! Liked. An excellent instructor. I liked it very much. Thank you!...
Katerina Zorіna
The mountain is always cool! Despite the weather conditions, complexity of itinerary you always come back docause and full of energy :) we had a cool band and we are very good friends! We also got lucky, it rained just a few days! Despite not really passing route and the problems with the guide, I was still h...
The hike to the tourist club "Route" is a vain distraction from the everyday world, a world of adventure, pristine nature and unforgettable impressions. In any campaign, as in life, there are good and bad days, but the hike with the Hiking club "Marshrut" bad days don't happen. Professionalism of trainers,...