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Review. Hiking in the Carpathians «Svidovets»

Katerina Zorіna 

Translation from Ukrainian


A few days before the hike organizer Irina created a group in the telegram with all participants and instructor. We got the contacts of the instructor, basic information on the location and time of the start of our hike. She also gave some indications about the expected weather conditions (rain promised) and what things you need to take with me.


Food was taking its toll.

Instructor - Vitaliy Demianyk   

Instructor in the campaign was Vitaliy Demyanik.
I believe that the instructor still need to work on your skills guide.
He repeatedly had difficulties with orientation on the terrain.
The route itself is generally a separate topic.
Sometimes met are impassable parts of the route that generally it was difficult to believe that there actually were people the last few years.
I understand that when you go to the mountains, it does not make sense to expect that all the trails will be perfectly cleared, but we have used the services of this club, in the expectation that we will lead not by impenetrable thickets, and at normal trail.
We also had a very specific agenda, namely his absence. The initiators of waking up early was the members themselves, and not a guide.
Although it is quite a known fact that weather in the mountains in the morning more stable, so combining this with a not very optimistic weather forecast - early rise was our only opportunity to somehow manage to cover the planned part of the route.
Also did not like that he has no leadership skills and confidence in their actions. In my opinion, tour guide is a person you can rely on and be confident that in case of any emergency she will help and support.
I can't provide this feature Vitaly. Also as I recall from the experience of past campaigns, all decisions are made by guide. Democracy in the mountains there :)
In our case, when we did not agree with the decision of the guide, followed by the answer - OK, let's do so. Like if something happens - you are to blame.
I never heard of confidence in your decision from Vitali.

General opinion   

The mountain is always cool! Despite the weather conditions, complexity of itinerary you always come back docause and full of energy :) we had a cool band and we are very good friends! We also got lucky, it rained just a few days! Despite not really passing route and the problems with the guide, I was still happy with the hike because it's Gory)
By the way, I never called and asked for an opinion regarding the campaign. As far as I know, other members also no one called. I'm not the first year I go with the route marches were, in many overseas trips with them and very pleased with the organization and professionalism of the guides. I do not understand why such problems occur with the campaigns in Ukraine.

Response of administration

Thank you for your honest opinion, very important to us any situations that arise in campaigns, not only about the positive.
I apologize for this situation, it is my personal responsibility. I'm sorry for a spoiled holiday and hope you still go camping with us. As compensation we will give you a 50% discount on any of our camping trip.
For my part, I will do everything possible so that such situations are not repeated.

Tour Information

The second highest mountain range of the Ukrainian Carpathians undoubtedly can compete for the title of the most picturesque mountain range of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Picturesque expanses of Svidovets are close to the rocky ridges of Gorgan and the highest mountain range in Ukraine — Montenegrin ridge.

Duration - 6 days

Level - medium

Nearest hikes:
30 August – 4 September 2020