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Review. Hiking in Turkey «Lycian way»

Ol'ga Borisenko 

Translated from Russian


Organization as always: since the training and recommendations, and further transitions of the scenic Parking lot, almost everywhere there is the opportunity to swim-be washed.


The food is hearty, diverse (soups and soups super). Organization of fire and cooking quick, fed was always delicious and timely, high-quality products. Turkish cheese, olives, Turkish delight, the vegetables could not but rejoice. Crackers, bagels, cookies, Snickers and bounty went well.

Instructor - Ivan Kozachenko   

Ivan is an experienced instructor with a good sense of humour, calm, sensitive, patient. And excellent cook. If Michelin were engaged in the evaluation of cooks-instructors, then Ivan would have been the owner of some stars:))

General opinion   

The hike was a long group of like-minded friends, families with their children. There is such an opportunity for the club to organize a campaign for the company, and even individual schedule, which is very convenient. The experience of Hiking, we have a large in the Turkish mountains for the first time. It is with the club route is a part of our company, has gone steadily now for the second time, some in third, some even fourth: pass Svaneti, the Carpathians and Cyprus. This time we got together for development and the famous Lycian trail.
For beginners - Yes, there is a bit tough sets height (recommended fistulotomy before the hike) and the sun can burn (be sure to sunscreen), but the only question is attitude and motivation. If you have them and you want to get new unforgettable emotions, bright impressions and to test themselves - trekking on the Lycian way with the club Route will give a great Hiking experience.
Turkey pleased us with good weather, beautiful scenery, a cloudless sky and bathing in the turquoise sea. The route itself is beautiful, with Parking in the picturesque Bay, with postcard views of the sea and the mountains. After going left a good impression and a desire to return.
In mountains it is necessary to go and to come back to admire and enjoy!
We are grateful to the club for a wonderful hike. I hope not the last;)

Tour Information

Hiking in the unforgettable and fantastic Turkey will introduce you to one of the most interesting hiking routes in the World — Lycian trail. You will ascend to Turkish Olympus, see fire-breathing Chimera and ancient city Olympos.

Duration - 7 days

Level - easy/medium

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