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Review. Hiking in Turkey «Lycian way»

Aleksandr Komarnickiiy 

Translated from Russian


Personally, I have organization issues have arisen. All is well organized. Relatively small passages, 12-15 km a day, To the camp came mostly in the afternoon - there was a time and tents safely put, to rest.


Food is normal, but I would like more mustard and horseradish ))
In the early days was generally good: in the morning, first coffee, and later Breakfast, and then again a tea/coffee. Then snacks nuts/dried fruits. Dinner is usually soup/borscht. All food is cooked on fire, which gives it even more flavor. Plus went to the local shops, buy more local products: ayran, fruit.

Instructor - Stanislav Muzyria   

Calm, experienced and adequate young man.
Helped the newcomers to properly configure the backpacks, giving helpful advice.

General opinion   

Turkey met with cloudy weather, on the first day did a little poking around the rain, forcing us to try on raincoats. Fortunately, it was the only day when I took out a backpack ))
In the following days the weather was great - relatively hot, in mountains and in General a great, comfortable temperature. Closer to the coast of course it was already hot. Had plentifully to put on sunscreen, because exposed skin burn very quickly, especially during our outing on Tahtali, where we sometimes had to walk in the snow.
Impressed me quite cedars of Lebanon - there is something majestic in these massive, unusual for the edges of our trees.
Also we were lucky with the group and with the instructor. Group compact, international. Russia, Ukraine, everyone is different, but interesting.
A nice bonus was a day's rest in Cirali, on the coast - the mountains plunge into the Mediterranean sea - what a bliss!
The experience very much, all words, photos, and close to be able to convey those beauties and types that are on the Lycian way.
It is a pity that I had to leave the band because they were going on to Cappadocia and I have been waiting for way home...

Tour Information

Hiking in the unforgettable and fantastic Turkey will introduce you to one of the most interesting hiking routes in the World — Lycian trail. You will ascend to Turkish Olympus, see fire-breathing Chimera and ancient city Olympos.

Duration - 7 days

Level - easy/medium

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