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Review. Hiking in Turkey «Lycian way»

Ol'ga Galaktionova 

Translated from Russian


Organizational issues very clearly thought out route, Parking, time of transitions. Most pleased with the light weight of public goods (all vegetables and meat were dried, plus the products have not buy along the route). On route we had two instructors, so even if the band is stretched, the stragglers had no chance to get lost, and speed participants walked at their own pace. A special thank you from me personally to our instructors for supporting me in a difficult situation – my flight got delayed and I was afraid to be late to the beginning of the campaign – gave me confidence that the group I will catch up anyway. In the end I arrived on time, but the attitude of the guys really appreciated!


The food was very nutritious) and delicious – I did not expect!!! Spoiled twice a day with a Snickers and bounty))). Thank you Roma for Stas and OLE until we came in after the transition, the guys have already had time to prepare a meal.

Instructor - Roman Flys   

I believe that with the instructor we are very lucky Roma a wonderful and cheerful man, sympathetic to each participant of the group – as a result – any, even a small conflict in the 7 days I walked with the group.

General opinion   

Everything was perfect, can't recall a single negative moment. This was my first hike in this format – certainly want to repeat. I recommend Marshrut travel club!

Tour Information

Hiking in the unforgettable and fantastic Turkey will introduce you to one of the most interesting hiking routes in the World — Lycian trail. You will ascend to Turkish Olympus, see fire-breathing Chimera and ancient city Olympos.

Duration - 7 days

Level - easy/medium

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