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Review. Trekking in Carpathians «Gorgany»


Translated from Russian


This is my first trip and I do not compare with anything, but I have over all 6 days did not have the idea that all in the organization, something not taken into account. So it was all good, 5+ for something that you can just go, no worrying. :)


Very cool that took into account the wishes of the food of all people (I'm a vegetarian and no scandal or discontent is not caused). And very cool that is responsible for the meal not every man for himself. Our guide cooked perfectly! (Vitalik, thank you :)) I'm in town not eating so much and nourishing as it is here. )

Instructor - Vitaliy Demianyk   

When I was very worried that the guide will be a kind of a prison guard - that is impossible, it is impossible to get up at 7, go faster. Vitaly is a wonderful guide, giving the desired space, but at the same time maintain order. And he is just great, lively, interesting person. :) If you see him in the group, you are very lucky. :)

General opinion   

It was a very cool 6 days. Thanks to the team for the organization, guide and the route itself! Will go with you again. :)

Tour Information

Lite version one of most beautiful Carpathian routes — Gorgany. Like in a full trekking trip "Gorgany", you will get acquainted with real Carpathian hinterland, walk on the old Polish-Czechoslovak border and see the stone trenches from the time Austro-Hungarian Empire. In this trekking in Carpathians you can go up to highest point of Gorgany - Sivulja mountain (1836 meters) and also get acquainted with life of Carpathian shepherds who live high in the mountains. Else you can enjoy white mushrooms, cow's cheese and fresh milk.

Duration - 6 days

Level - medium

Nearest hikes:
12–17 July 2020
20–25 September 2020