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Hiking in Romania «Southern Carpathians and Castle of Dracula»

Hiking in the mysterious and unexplored Romania will pass on in Southern Carpathians and Transylvania. You will see residence of kings of Romania in town Sinaia and also the famous Dracula Castle in Bran. You go up to an altitude over 2,500 meters above sea level and get acquainted with ancient capital of the Teutonic Order. Old streets of Brasov and gothic architecture of Black church struck by its beauty, and you want to come back again and again.

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Duration: 9 days
Distance: ~90 km
Start: Brasov
Finish: Brasov
Accommodation: tent
Effort level: medium

Route of trekking in Romania

Chernivtsi/Bucharest — Brasov — Sinaia (Sinai Monastery, Peles Castle, Pelischor Castle) — Mushrooms and the head of the Sphinx — Mount Omul (2507 meters) — Mount Scar (2400 meters) — Bran (Dracula Castle) — Mount La Om (2237 meters ) — Rysnov (Teutonic Castle) — Brasov (Castle Hill, Black Church) — Bucharest/Chernivtsi