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Review. Trekking in Nepal «Annapurna Base Camp»

Vita Blishik 

Translated from Russian


The organization is excellent, everything is well-planned and thoughtfully, as part of the convenience and practicality of the participants, and the moral support and information fullness.


You need to be ready to supply in Nepal, don't expect cuisine of the highest level and the usual choices. Food was always enough, but the monotony is present.

Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

The best! Patient, able to maintain, responsible, and just great people.

General opinion   

My feelings from this trip in some moments unexpected, but still great!

The well-planned route with fine views of the mountains and nature of Nepal.
Every day you experience a lot of emotions - sometimes it seems like find the latest physical force to overcome the daytime part of the route, and then you captures the spirit of the vast beauty of what he saw, then you just deeply surprised by the new information, or satisfied team achievements and many other things you can feel, the main thing is to listen to yourself, Nepal offers this opportunity to hear yourself.

Before you decide - think about what you want from this trip.
Be prepared for difficulties, be prepared to be ready for the rapture.

Tour Information

Trekking in Nepal (Himalayas) — an opportunity to pass one of the most popular routes in Nepal and to visit Annapurna Base Camp. Trekking in Nepal passes through Annapurna National Park, visiting several climatic zones and can be seen near the «Roof of the World» — Himalayas. This trekking in Nepal will be able to pass almost anyone without medical contraindications.

Duration - 14 days

Level - medium/high

Nearest hikes:
31 October – 13 November 2021