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Review. Trekking in Nepal «Annapurna Base Camp»

Alena Sirenko 

Translated from Russian


It all started much earlier... the Guide sent a letter where it was stated how to prepare and what are the things needed. It was all very well organized. No one is waiting, moving and settling was a very well-planned. The guide was in its place, all were introduced and we became a team)


I liked everything.

Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

Very nice and organized guy, all amused. Took us in all sorts of delicious cafe.

General opinion   

The Himalayas are majestic and extraordinary. One of the best trips. It is trusted Route to the club, as they have already proven guys. And the price was also very nice. In General, very much enjoyed it!

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

Trekking in Nepal (Himalayas) — an opportunity to pass one of the most popular routes in Nepal and to visit Annapurna Base Camp. Trekking in Nepal passes through Annapurna National Park, visiting several climatic zones and can be seen near the «Roof of the World» — Himalayas. This trekking in Nepal will be able to pass almost anyone without medical contraindications.

Duration - 14 days

Level - medium/high

Nearest hikes:
1–14 November 2020