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Review. Hiking in Crimea «Chatyrdag and Demerdzhi»


Translated from Russian



Instructor - Iryna Rymarenko   

General opinion   

For me this trip was the first and obviously not the last. It was hard, even very good, but the feeling when you're tired, you turn around and look... look at the distance, which passed on a landscape that words cannot describe, and you realize that all the effort spent was worth this moment. And really understand why you should appreciate life and enjoy every moment spent in nature. Just want to say a huge thank you to the instructors are Ira and Dima. If it weren't for you, I'm not sure the campaign has left a lot of positive emotions. Special thanks to Dima, for their support in the form of various stories from the life and campaigns of remedial and tea with thyme))
Ira, thank you for your patience and for your understanding))
For those who are trying to "Go or not" I will say one thing — "to Go". We live once, and a couple of days spent away from civilization is well worth it.

Tour Information

This four-day hiking tour in Crimea will introduce you with the unique nature of Crimea. You can visit the two most popular equipped caves of Crimea (Marble cave and Emine-Bair-Khosar cave), which go deep into the lower plateau Chatyrdag. You will rise to upper plateau Chatyrdag and you will visit vertex Demerdzhi South, which opens unforgettable view of sea coast of Crimea. At the end of trip you will visit mysterious Valley of the Ghosts and a grand Stone chaos.

Duration - 4 days

Level - easy