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Review. Trekking in Carpathians «Eastern Gorgany»


Translated from Russian



Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

General opinion   

A hike on Carpathians "Gorgany East" on Independence Day was my second (and last, I want more!:) going with a small time interval from the first), i.e. not yet entirely forgotten climbs of the rocky mountains of the Crimea (although looking at pictures, and seeing there happy faces, it seemed to me that the difficulty with the climbs I was just dreaming!:)
So, The Carpathians! Everything was so wonderful, a miracle! Though rains passed, was a wonderful Sunny weather. Gathered a wonderful positive team. Thanks to the organizers! Everything was very clearly organized (now with a smile remember the number of minutes before the end of the halt and the number of cookies and chocolate:) and the route itself was very interesting, beautiful, and delicious (we almost constantly accompanied the blackberries, blueberries, cranberries).
Special thanks to our instructor Sasha! He is very patient, caring, help, cooked a delicious porridge with mushrooms, teas with herbs and lemon. Many interesting talks on the places we passed, and of course, a great sense of humor, jokes, jokes! Sasha, thank you!

Tour Information

Interesting and cognitive trip to the mountains will introduce you to picturesque nature of Ukrainian Carpathians and will give three unforgettable days. This route is ideal for first full acquaintance with the mountains. Carpathians — a mountain in which you want to return again and again.

Duration - 3 days

Level - medium

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