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Hiking in Crimea, Karabi — Novyy Svet — Meganom — Karadag

Hiking in Crimea, Karabi — Novyy Svet — Meganom — Karadag

Caucasus, Teberda - Arkhyz

Hiking in Bulgaria

Crimea trekking, Karst Crimea

Hiking in Crimea, The Grand Canyon of Crimea

Trekking in Caucasus

Rafting on the Seim


Winter hike on Carpathians

Trekking in Carpathians, Central Gorgany

Trekking in Iceland

Tour in Montenegro

Lician way, Turkey

Transcarpathian trails, hiking in the Carpathian

Hiking in Cyprus


Hiking in Crimea, Chatyrdag — Demerdzhi

Hiking in Turkey, Lician Way and Cappadocia


Odessa, Bessarabia

Iceland 2015


Rafting on the Dniester, Dniester Canyon

Trekking in the Caucasus, West Caucasus: Teberda Reserve

Hiking in Crimea, Cave Cities

Picturesque Nepal

Hiking in Madeira

West Germany, bicycle tour

The Dolomites

Svaneti in May, hiking in Georgia

Southern Bug

Hiking in Montenegro

Winter trek to the Carpathians

Carpathian waterfalls

West Caucasus


Hiking in Georgia

Crimea, guerrilla trails

Winter Carpathians

Velotour Vilkovo

Trekking in Nepal

Transcarpathian trails, hiking in the Carpathian Mountains

Hiking in Crimea, Roads of the ancient Romans

Trekking around Mont Blanc

Rafting on the River Snov

Trekking in Carpathians, Gorgany

Trekking in Iceland 2016

Ergaki, Western Sayan Mountains

West Lykia

Megrelia Mountains

Eastern Gorgany and Carpathian Waterfalls

Cycling trip, Kamenets-Podolsk — Khotyn — Chernivtsi


Hiking in Romania

Mont Blanc

Mountains of Romania, hiking with a backpack

Rafting on the river Vorskla

Montenegrin Range


Trekking in Carpathians, Montenegrin Mountains

Bike ride Rzhyschiv

Winter hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, Smerekova hut

Hiking in Norway

The Carian Way

Cappadocia (Turkey)

Rafting along the Dniester on catamarans

Svaneti, hiking in Georgia mountains

Winter Svydovets

Bulgaria, Rila

Rodna Mountains

Lician way

Nepal spring trek to Annapurna

Everest trekking

Cycling tour in Trypillya

Trekking in Turkey in May 2015

Cycling trip in Zakarpattia, Valley of daffodils



Lician way (Turkey)

Bicycling Shatskie lakes

Cappadocia, Turkey


Monte-Rose and Matterhorn

Hiking in Crimea, Chatyrdag — Demerdzhi — Novyy Svet

Rafting on the Desna

The Annapurna Circuit

Nepal, trekking to Annapurna

Trekking in Carpathians, Eastern Gorgany


The mountains of Tusheti and Khevsureti

Oril, rafting

Georgia mountains

Hiking in the mountains