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Hiking in mountains

We organize hiking tours in the mountains. Our trips do not require special training and the strength even for beginners. Starting with us camping in the mountains, you are well rested mentally to know what your body is able to take a closer look and picturesque places of Crimea, Carpathians, Nepal, Turkey, Romania and Caucasus. If you are still unsure, check out reviews attend our trips.



Carpathian mountain

Hiking in the Carpathian Mountains a little harder than hiking in Crimea. Hiking trails in the Carpathians usually pass in the relative remoteness from populated areas and allow a break from everyday life. Hiking in the Carpathians — your complete rest from civilization!




Trekking in Nepal «The Annapurna Base Camp»

Short description: from $480, 16 days, easy/middle level
When the schedule: 08.04.2017 (-20%), 11.11.2017 (-20%),

Trekking in Nepal (Himalayas) — an opportunity to pass one of the most popular routes in Nepal and to visit Annapurna Base Camp. Trekking in Nepal passes through Annapurna National Park, visiting several climatic zones and can be seen near the «Roof of the World» — Himalayas. This trekking in Nepal will be able to pass almost anyone without medical contraindications.

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Popular routes


Hiking in Turkey «Lycian trail and Cappadocia»

Short description: from $245, 14 days, easy/middle level
When the schedule: 29.04.2017 (-30%), 13.05.2017 (-30%)

Hiking in the unforgettable and fantastic Turkey will introduce you to one of the most interesting hiking routes in the World — Lycian trail. You will ascend to Turkish Olympus, see fire-breathing Chimera and ancient city Olympos. In the second part of the trip to Turkey, you will visit fantastic Cappadocia, where you can get acquainted with the underground cities, ancient Christian monasteries and fantastic stone valleys.

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Trekking in Carpathians «Montenegrin ridge»

Short description: from $70, 6 days, easy/middle level
When the schedule: 30.04.2017 (-10%), 07.05.2017 (-20%), 21.05.2017 (-20%), 11.06.2017 (-20%), 04.06.2017 (-20%), 25.06.2017 (-10%), 02.07.2017 (-20%), 09.07.2017 (-20%), 16.07.2017 (-20%), 23.07.2017 (-20%), 30.07.2017 (-20%), 06.08.2017 (-20%), 13.08.2017 (-20%), 20.08.2017 (-10%), 27.08.2017 (-20%), 03.09.2017 (-20%), 10.09.2017 (-20%), 17.09.2017 (-20%)

On this trip includes all dvuhtysyaniki Carpathians and the highest mountain of Ukraine — Hoverla. Due to strong winds, which are hosted on the Montenegrin mountain range most of the year, its upper part is covered with trees, making it the highest mountain range of species of the Ukrainian Carpathians. You will find highest building, highest lake and a lot of very, very.

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Rafting on Dniester «Dniester Canyon»

Short description: 6 days, $80, easy/middle level
When the schedule: tour possible to order

Rafting on one of the natural wonders of Ukraine - Dniester River canyon that stretches for hundreds of kilometers. Picturesque meanders, rocky shores, remains of ancient fortresses, ancient palaces, largest plain waterfall in Ukraine and more collected in this rafting on Dniester. Alloy is ideal for beginners, because there will not be exorbitant loads and will have beautiful views, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as local dairy products. Make up your mind, it's worth it!:)

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Short timetable

Feb 24–26 Firry house
Apr 30 – May 1 Goverla
Apr 30 – May 2 Eastern Gorgany
Apr 30 – May 2 Carpathian waterfalls
Apr 29 – May 12 Lycian trail and Cappadocia
Apr 29 – May 6 Lycian trail
Apr 29 – May 8 Lycian trail and the sea
May 13–20 Lycian trail
Sep 30 – Oct 13 Lycian trail and Cappadocia
Sep 30 – Oct 7 Lycian trail
Sep 30 – Oct 9 Lycian trail and the sea
Apr 29 – May 8 Svaneti light
May 8–17 Svaneti light
Jun 25 – Jul 8 Svaneti + sea
Jun 25 – Jul 8 Svaneti
Jul 9–22 Svaneti + sea
Jul 9–19 Svaneti
Jul 23 – Aug 5 Svaneti + sea
Jul 23 – Aug 2 Svaneti
Aug 6–19 Svaneti + sea
Aug 6–16 Svaneti
Jun 6–15 TMB
Jun 15–24 TMB
Sep 12–21 TMB
Sep 21–30 TMB
Sep 7–18 Durmitor mountain

Full timetable

Hiking to order

If you do not like the dates of our trips, we can adapt to you. We can also develop a route according to your wishes. If you are interested hiking to order, email us.

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